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Need for Affordable Housing

Posted by admin on 21 Oct, 2015

Aidan Culhane, Housing Ireland, Autumn 2015.

With the current “housing crisis” dominating the news headlines, it’s easy to forget that we seem always to be in a housing crisis of one kind or another – and it’s almost always a consequence of the things we did to solve the last “crisis”. The one constant in all this is an inability to meet demand for social housing.

The phrase is chosen carefully. It may not be that we have always failed to ensure an adequate supply of social housing, but it is certainly the case that there is never enough of it to meet demand. There are many reasons for this. Shifting demographic patterns and economic fluctuations account for part of it. Generous differential rent regimes, lifetime and even hereditable tenancies, and virtually no maintenance costs make the traditional social tenancy a very attractive housing choice.