Holy Faith Sisters Convent House

WK Nowlan are retained by the Holy Faith Order as property advisors and have been engaged to deliver a number of capital projects and property disposals on the Order’s behalf. The Holy Faith Order engaged WK Nowlan to draft a brief which sought to secure the delivery of a new convent house at Haddington Road through the utilisation and intensification of their property holding at this site.

The maximisation of the property’s value was also integral to the viability of the project, as the principal objective of the brief was for the project to be at least cost neutral. WK Nowlan assembled and managed project, design and disposal teams which delivered the brief and met the principal objective.

Key Aspects of WK Nowlan Role:

  • Client brief development
  • Design team assembly and management
  • Disposal team assembly and management
  • Tender process management
  • Planning process management
  • Value engineering and cost analysis
  • Legal due-diligence
  • Client development representation (design, tender and construction phases)
  • Asset management
  • External property division to the client (broadened engagement)
  • Client reporting and risk mitigation/management
  • Dispute mitigation/resolution


The new Holy Faith Sisters house was delivered on time and on budget. Following the completion of the new house, the former convent house, which included two former period family home residences were remodelled and sold separately.